In 2006, after a summer of salvaging scrap from every dumpster within 60 miles of DC, a pal and I went to work converting the decrepit garage behind my house into a recording studio. Over the next four years, I had the amazing good fortune to engineer 50+ sessions with friends and strangers who heard tell of the sweat-box in the alley where you could record your EP cheap, with decent sound to boot. I learned to rethink recording and mixing as creative works unto themselves, not just obstacles to getting music into the world. This drew me towards a deeper appreciation of the art in all technical disciplines, from carpentry to electronics repair to game code.






Griffin and the True Believers – A.C.T.T.S. (mixing)


Ilsa – Tutti Colore Del Butto CD/LP
Lonely Are the Brave – Combat Rap CDLP
Hot Mess – S/T Demo
Disciples of Christ – Split 7″ w/ Mind as Prison
The Feed – S/T Cassette
Transgression – S/T Cassette
Drow – Music of the Drow EP


Hugh T-M – Under the Stars for Free CD
Able Birds – S/T Demo
Roma Condor – S/T EP
Jubilee – Mad as Birds CDEP
Mob Mentality – S/T Demo
Dangerosa – S/T CDEP
The Max Levine Ensemble – Vs. Ben Weasel 7″
Deathratz – S/T 7″
Spoonboy – ’09 Tour Demo
Disciples of Christ – S/T Demo 7″
Coke Bust/Sick Fix – Live Cassette Split


No Future – S/T Demo
Loose Lips – Weighing Winter CDEP
La Coterie – S/T Demo
I Am Who Survived, Forgive Me – Stage Soundtrack
Lost Again – S/T Demo
Bogus Machine – S/T Cassette
Turboslut – Split LP w/ Pygmylush
Jubilee – S/T CDEP
Spoonboy – ’08 Tour Demo
The Guilt – S/T Demo Cassette
Son of Nun – The Art of Struggle (backup vox trax)
Lonely Are the Brave – S/T Demo CD,
Time To Escape – unreleased 7″ (tracking)
Henry Mills – 2 Song Demo
Starve – S/T Demo CD
Frantic Onslaught – xNotGettingLaidx Demo
Coke Bust – Cycle of Violence Demo Cassette
Chocolotron – S/T CDLP (drum trax)
Ryan Harvey/Mark Gunnery – The Good Times and The Bad CDLP (tracking)
X Without Y – S/T CDEP
Blue Black Betty – S/T Demo


The Well – No Comply CDLP
Attentat – CDEP/IVAW Comp track
Cry Impure – unreleased Demo
Ingrid – Tryangle Cassette
Turboslut – S/T demo cassette
Ryan Harvey – Violence of War CDLP
Ryan Harvey – The New Enclosures CDLP
Jailbird Thunderheart – S/T CDEP
Ponk – unreleased Demo


The Max Levine Ensemble – unreleased Comp trax
Ex-Experts – I Don’t Care If You Don’t Care CDLP
Attentat – There are Murderers on Your Thrones CDEP
Dirtchamp – Overture