The first website I ever built was a fan page for my imaginary Quake level mods. There were flickering torches; there were spinning skulls; <b> and <i> made attempts on the life of every single line of text. It was so freaking heavy, Dear Reader, that afterwards I needed to take a ten-year break. You can imagine my surprise as I returned to face such wonders as CSS and JQuery. Strange and wondrous days, those. With what I’ve gathered since, I endeavour to unite crystal-clear design and content with subtle accents of colour, texture and motion.

web – Stellar Cellular and Videogames, 2015 – Michelle Quintal, The Herbalist Chef, 2014 – Student Christian Movement of Canada, 2014 – Sue Treiman, Rivertowns Artist, 2013 – Somewhat Dead Splash (dormant), 2014


The Social Procurement Intermediary: The State of the Art and its Development within the GTHA – Learning Enrichment Foundation of Canada, 2015


book / album covers


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